Lady sings the Blues (NZZ 26.10.14)

Die 67-jährige Sängerin Trudy Lynn ist der heimlich Star des Lucerne Blues Festival. Dieses hat sich in seinem 20-jährigen Bestehen auf die wahren Orginale des Blues spezialisiert.



Lucerne’s symbol is the Kapellbrucke, a XIV century covered wooden-bridge that sadly burned in 1993 in what it is still considered a major disaster for the city and its citizens. With meticulous precision, it was rebuilt in few years in an effort of singular artistic talent. Around the same time, the Lucerne Blues Festival, now at its 19th edition, commenced its adventure. Close to ending its second decade, the Festival has established itself as the major Blues event in wintertime in Europe.

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Blues für Ohr und Auge

Wunderbare Frauen gaben bei der 19. Auflage des Luzerner Bluesfestivals den Ton an. Es soll die Leistungen von Altmeistern vom Schlage eines Rick Estrin oder Bob Margolin keinesfalls schmälern, aber was das Publikum von The Blues Broads geboten bekam, war kaum zu überbieten - ebenso wie der Auftritt von Veronica & The Red Wine Serenaders. Als Mann mithalten konnte lediglich der legendäre Ron Levy. Artikel als PDF lesen (Blues News)

Blues Guide Chicago

A chilly Lucerne, nestled by a pristine lake high in the picturesque Swiss mountains, welcomes the hottest blues talent to its festival every November since 1994. The line-up for the big festival weekend is composed of artists drawn from many parts of the blues world, but it’s no surprise that the Chicago scene usually provides some of the most exciting acts - after all Chicago and Lucerne have been culturally linked sister cities for over 15 years!  This year was no exception, with a bill containing a smattering of BMA and Grammy winners; a handful of blues ladies, some guitar gurus and harmonica heroes; music from the Crescent City to Chi-town, from West Coast to East.

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