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Percy Strother

(* 23.07.1946; † 29.05.2005)

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Percy Strother, inspired by the likes of Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf and Wilson Pickett, has a tremendous "power". Percy is backed by keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and occasionally the harmonica to create a unique mixture of blues, R&B and Memphis soul. Percy's warm, rich baritone vocals have earned awards for "Best Blues song" ("A good woman is hard to find") and was runner up of the "Best Blues Album" with his debut CD of the same title (Living Blues awards 1992).

Percy was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1946 and started singing at the age of nine. Already, during the work in the fields, his talents were recognized by the people around him; "just sing son, we'll pick the cotton". In the sixties he moved north and by the way of Wisconsin he eventually ended up in Minneapolis, where he became one of the leading figures in the blues scene of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The electrifying sound of the blues has never sounded so powerful and alive as with Percy's mixture of Chicago rooted blues with R'n'B and soul influences...